Housekeeping, Catering & Garden Maintenance

House Keeping refers to the management of duties and chores involved in the running of premises like Cleaning, Maintenance, Pantry, Pest Control etc which keeps the premises clean and effective to work.

    We always
  • Ensure smooth housekeeping activities at all the premises
  • Ensure providing and using of proper chemicals
  • Ensure to kept the chemicals in the secondary containment
  • Ensure to fill the check lists and verified by the Supervisors
  • Providing of Best Pantry and Steward Services
  • Using of proper PPE during the cleaning and HK services
  • Ensure of proper training to the new employees using of the best machineries

Catering & Pantry Services

At BSS like our other services Catering & Pantry division also gives prime importance to quality. We know that the key to maintaining energetic and happy team is to provide them the good and nutritious food which in turn contributes significantly for their well-being. We provide on-site & off-site Catering & Pantry services for main meals, tiffins, tea, coffee and snacks as per your choice and taste. While preparing the food and beverage, we always make it a point that you served nothing but the healthy and nutritious one. We strive to satisfy people from various sectors in corporate environment with our interesting delicious preparations and that too within a good budget.
We also have extensive infrastructure and experienced team to arrange exclusive food palette for large functions, conferences and events.


  • Lawn development & maintenance
  • Developing & maintaining different creepers and ground covers
  • Creating flower beds with seasonal flowers

Guest House Management

It takes more than providing mere services to win the heart of your guest and we are aware of this fact. In fact we give special attention to all the aspects of Guest House maintenance:housekeeping, maintenance, food service, laundry and more. Add to that our direct interaction with them help us understand their little requirements better and come out with unique solutions. No wonder our guests feel at home and enjoy their every moments with us.

Landscaping & Horticulture

Blending a sense of aesthetics with the importance of greens remains the hallmark for our entire landscaping and horticulture endeavour.
During Landscaping we visit the site first and design the green plan according to the site and as per your specific requirements. This green planning includes site supervision for landscaping, making proper elation & drainage, selecting the proper plant groups, drawings of pathways, street, approaches, bridges, water ways, recreational areas, etc.
We also undertake following horticultural activities:

Banquet Services

Banquets are arranged to cater for a large number of people responsible for the complete service of food and beverages, catering to all guests’ needs. Banquet servers perform serving duties at dinners and events. They must be able to stand and work for an extended period of time while accommodating guests effectively and politely.

Basic Roles:-
- Ensure the setting of tables completely according to diagram and/or sample table.
- Serve and clear food and beverage quietly, and quickly
- Using proper serving and clearing techniques.
- Keep work area clean, and coordinate actions with the team members, and all other members of the front and back of the house to ensure flawless front and back of the house to ensure flawless customer service.
- Maintain good grooming and personal hygiene.

Manuring & Pest control

Pests are simply wildlife in the wrong place. In a forest, termites are beneficial but in your home they are pests. Identify and understand the lifecycle and habits of a wide range of insects and spiders.

The following services we are providing which enable our client to overcome the negative effects from the several pests and the damage they could cause a business: • Ant Control
• Fly Control
• Other Biting Insects
• Mosquito Control
• Cockroach Control
• Insects in stored foods
• Bird Control
• Woodborer control
• Other Pest Problems