Fire Safety

We are providing the provision of professional building fire safety services in support of infrastructure development and management strategies is vital to achieving efficient procurement and effective compliance with mandated policies and standards. These specialist services will also enhance our capability.

    We are proving the operation and maintenance of the following fire services:
  • Fire Panels
  • Fire Detectors
  • Fire Pumps
  • Jockey Pumps
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Sprinkler

Fire Safety Training, Fire Safety Services, Fire Safety Audits

At BSS Fire Safety wing, a division of our Facilities Management, We take care of all the key issues related to your Fire Safety: Fire Safety Training,Fire Safety Services& Fire Safety Audits. All aims at providing you a safe, secured and protected environment.

Fire Safety Training

We conduct Fire Safety training e.g. Fire Mock Drill for our clients under the guidance of known experts who have worked at senior positions from NDMA, Fire Dept. and Security forces of Govt. of India. This training helps the concerned organizations to evolve Good Practices in this Crisis Management.

Fire Safety Services

The main objective of our Fire Safety Services is to promote and advance the use of fire safety and security systems for our clients by organizing training programmes and drills and there by inculcating a positive & proactive mind-set amongst the organization regarding safety and security. Apart from providing trained and qualified Fire Fighter, Fireman, Safety Supervisors and Fire and Safety Officers we also take the responsibility of selecting the proper location of your Fire extinguishers and installation along with its proper care and maintenance and Fire Hydrant Installation & Maintenance. We have also earned our reputation as a trusted Industrial Safety Equipments Suppliers (PPE & PPC).

Fire Safety Audits

We also extend our services in this important area of Fire Safety and provide our clients with reliable Fire Safety Audits of outstanding quality that are totally independent. Our team inspects your plant for fixed fire fighting installation and fire equipment and lay down detail provision as they conduct safety audit and thereafter submit the report on safety audit as per ISI and TAC norms. These reports not only save significant amount of your precious money but also ensure that you are not caught out by unethical suppliers. Our report also ensures that you are fully aware of the true situation regarding their fire protection servicing.